About Us

   My name is Hansia Exantus. I started making hair butters because I could not find products of good and natural quality effective enough to nourish my hair. Most of the products I purchased either had little or no natural ingredients. I knew my hair needed products that would nourish it, keep it moisturized, and help it grow.  For this reason (and others), I began searching  for what would work for not only my hair, but other women who are facing the same type of dilemma I found myself in. Ultimately, this pushed me to create my own product line that works great for most hair and body types.

After giving birth to my daughter, I began to expand my brand, which increased my product line. Since both of my children have sensitive skin and finding the right product to accommodate them became a challenge, the only option at that point was to make natural soap. The result was amazing to say the least, as their skin is now perfectly moisturized and they no longer have rashes or dry patches.

All products are handmade, which means they are made with care; not just for my family, but for yours as well.